About Us

Plevtech Web Solutions, is a web marketing firm, that has offered its services to the Tri-state area since 1995. We. can accommodate your every web desire! We specialize in web design, hosting, maintenance, graphic design ,digital animation, web and direct marketing, and much more!! Plevtech provides reliable and affordable solutions for a wide range of clientelle. Whether you want to put your entire business online or just customize your existing information page Plevtech has a solution package available for you.

As many companies have stepped away from traditional methods of advertising either due to the rising cost or man-power considered necessary, creating an online web image has proven to be the most cost and time efficient means or advertising. Whether you’re looking simply to showcase your strengths or gain a competitive edge over your competition Plevtech has a solutions package waiting for you. The exposure a Plevtech website provides on a global scale has even propelled many companies to go a step further and tackle the idea of E-commerce. E-commerce has ballooned to epic proportions in recent years.

Plevtech provides solutions that can extend your web presence even further to a global market with support for real-time, safe, secure credit card transactions. This exposure to a global market can allow for unlimited products/services to be on sale with 24/7 support even while you sleep!

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